Physical Education

G. Leung | Department Head
A. Vagnarelli | Sports Department Head
E. Blackstock-Pedroso
G. Buono
S. DiGeso
P. Kuhn
H. Parkes
S. Snow

Burnaby Central Physical and Health Education Mission Statement-

To encourage and enable all learners to enhance their quality of life through active participation, and to promote lifelong health habits.

Physical and Health Education 8-10

These courses offer students a wide range of sport and recreational activities. Through active participation in physical education, students will develop knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to incorporate physical activity into regular routines to live an active, healthy lifestyle. Three themes will be reinforced in junior physical education: personal and social responsibility, movement skills and active living.

Active Living (Physical and Health Education) 11 & 12

These two courses are designed to provide students with an opportunity to explore the lifetime value of a variety of team and individual activities. Students will be introduced to available community recreational facilities and services. Physical Education 12 provides a further opportunity explore individual and team activities in greater depth.

Sports Conditioning (Weight Training) 11 12

Weightlifting 11/12 is focussed towards the student who wishes to make significant gains in all areas of fitness. Each of the five components of fitness will be reinforced: body composition, strength, flexibility, cardiovascular endurance and muscular endurance. However, the main component will be based on strength training. Students who enrol in this course must be willing to commit to a semester long training program.

Physical and Health Education Leadership 9/10

This course is designed for students who are passionate about leading and promoting physical education events at Burnaby Central. Also, this course allows students to become actively involved in physical education curriculum, extra curricular activities, and provide enriched leadership opportunities in the school and community.

Physical and Health Education Leadership 11/12

This course provides an opportunity for students to develop their physical education leadership skills. Students will learn to develop their leadership skills by serving as teaching assistants, coaching, organizing group activities and coordinating special athletic events within the school. All P.E. Leadership students will be trained in the National Coaching Certification Program Multi- sport Theory Part A.

First Aid 10-12

This course was developed for students who wish to learn and practice first aid. During the school year, students will learn the basics of first aid as well as the use of some advance medical equipment. Students will also learn stress management and triage care. All members of the class will be certified in St. John Ambulance Standard First Aid. This course is taught outside the regular timetable.

Leadership 9/10

This course is designed for grade 9-10 students who are interested in developing leadership skills. Students will receive instruction in areas such as group dynamics, communication skills, organizational skills, problem solving and decision making. Students are expected to apply what is learned by organizing, implementing and evaluating student-oriented activities.

Leadership 11/12

The course will further expand on developing and practicing leadership skills. Emphasis will be on planning and implementing school functions and events such as the Terry Fox Run, Gr. 8 Retreat, Pep Rally and numerous community and school-based activities/fundraisers. Students will further improve and develop skills such as event planning, communication, conflict resolution and personal wellness skills. The class will practice and evaluate leadership skills through a variety of activities and group projects.