Athletic & Visual and Performing Arts (AVPA) Program

The AVPA Program, offered here at Burnaby Central Secondary, gives elite athletes and performers the ability to balance their rigorous practice/performance schedule with a strong academic program.

If you live in Burnaby but are out of the Central catchment or you live outside of Burnaby, please submit a Cross District or Out-of-District Application form with your AVPA Application.  An AVPA Application without the appropriate Cross District or Out-of-District Application will not be accepted.



*Please note: Students coming to Burnaby Central for the BWC Academy or the Vancouver WhiteCaps REX Academy Programs do not need to apply to be in the AVPA Program. Coaching staff for both academies will reach out to Burnaby Central with respective new players.*

Coordinator Contact: Mr. Thomas Vitovec

Administrator Contact: Mr. Tim Wozney