Staff Directory


Office Staff Role Email Address
W. Best Safe Schools Specialist
K. Cochrane Bookkeeper
School Psychologist
A. Kojima International Student Support
J. Lockhart Bookkeeper ON LEAVE
P. Jukes Hospital & Homebound Teacher
R. Koujian Settlement Worker (SWIS)
P. Rubino Office Support Clerk (Student Records)
S. Steinhauser Administrative Secretary
M. Stewart Indigenous Youth Engagement Worker
N. Wong Office Support Clerk/Attendance (M/W/F)
F. Zhong Student Database (Student e-Records)

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Teacher Department(s) Email Address
M. Ali ADST: Technology Education
C. Anderson ELL
B. Barichello English/Social Studies
G. Buono Physical & Health Education
E. Byman Science
C. Campbell Learning Support Services: ACCESS / Social Studies
A. Colaiacovo Learning Support Services: Pre-Employment / Physical & Health Education
W. Colling Social Studies
M. Cook Mathematics
D. Cooper Social Studies / Learning Support Services
H. Couture English
G. D’Angelo English
S. Dhaliwal Student Services (G – Le / Indigenous)
A. Dhawan Mathematics
S. DiGeso Physical & Health Education [DEPARTMENT HEAD] / First Aid
B. Dunse ADST: Business Technology / Indigenous Education Support Teacher
J. Eng ADST: Business Technology
L. Falsetto Science [DEPARTMENT HEAD] / Learning Support Services
A. Fricker ADST: Technology Education
G. Gertz Science
F. Hawley ADST: Technology Education
T. Hemer Science
A. Hemingway Science / Physical & Health Education
G. Hendry Mathematics [ACTING DEPARTMENT HEAD] / Mathematics / Technology Liaison / AP Coordinator
K. Herndier Mathematics
S. Huang Mathematics
K. Jansen ADST: Business Technology
M. Joe Science
F. Jolliffe Social Studies
R. Jones Student Services (Lf-S)
R. Kamiya ADST: Business Technology
D. Katsionis Student Services (Tr-Z, and International Students) / Social Studies
H. Keon Career Programs/ CLE
P. Kim Science
D. Kraemer ADST: Home Economics
K. Kraemer Mathematics
P. Kuhn English / Physical & Health Education
B. Lawrence Student Services [DEPARTMENT HEAD] ON LEAVE
S. Lee-Wen Learning Support Services
S. Lei Mathematics
C. Magriotidis Learning Support Services
R. Manery ELL / English
A. McIlvaney English / Social Studies
D. Moore Science
M. Morabito-Chisholm ADST: Home Economics [DEPARTMENT HEAD] / CLC/CLE / Scholarship
P. Neves CLC/CLE / Modern Languages [DEPARTMENT HEAD]
G. Nevgodovskyy ELL / English / Social Studies
P. Ollivier Modern Languages
K. Palosaari ADST: Home Economics
K. Parbhakar ELL
A. Pattenaude English / Visual & Performing Arts- Dance [DEPARTMENT HEAD]
L. Pedersen Modern Languages
D. Pereira Social Studies [DEPARTMENT HEAD]
S. Perrotta Learning Support Services- ACCESS
M. Proctor English/ Visual & Performing Arts – Drama
I. Ranu Learning Support Services [DEPARTMENT HEAD]
P. Rattan Visual & Performing Arts – Art
K. Ronald English / Modern Languages
S. Salimpour Mathematics
S. Schram ACE-IT: Culinary Arts
L. Smolar Mathematics / Science
S. Snow Physical & Health Education
A. Steko Visual & Performing Arts – Art
B. Stewart Visual & Performing Arts: Drama
L. Strong Library
S. Takeuchi Modern Languages
C. Taylor Visual & Performing Arts – Music (CHOIR)
C. Uhren Social Studies
A. Vagnarelli Physical & Health Education / Athletic Director
C. Van Maarseveen Sciences
B. Veeken ADST: Home Economics / Physical & Health Education
T. Vitovec AVPA Coordinator / CLE / Leadership
R. Westinghouse Student Services (A-F)[ACTING DEPARTMENT HEAD]
K. White Visual & Performing Arts: Music (BAND)
B. Wineberg English
S. Wuolle Mathematics ON LEAVE
A. Xiao Modern Languages
Y. Yu Modern Languages / Science ON LEAVE
A. Zakus Modern Languages
Student Teacher Department Email Address