Staff Directory


Office Staff Role Email Address
W. Best Safe Schools Specialist
K. Cochrane Bookkeeper
K. Gagno School Psychologist
T. Lim International Student Support
J. Lockhart Bookkeeper ON LEAVE
P. Jukes Hospital & Homebound Teacher
R. Koujian Settlement Worker (SWIS)
P. Rubino Office Support Clerk
S. Steinhauser Administrative Secretary
M. Stewart Indigenous Youth Engagement Worker
C. Williams SISOP/Student Records
N. Wong Office Support Clerk/Attendance (M/W/F)

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Teacher Department(s) Email Address
C. Acheson Mathematics ON LEAVE
M. Ali ADST: Technology Education
C. Anderson ELL
B. Barichello English/Social Studies
G. Buono Physical & Health Education
E. Byman Science
C. Campbell Learning Support Services: ACCESS / Social Studies
K. Clinton English/Modern Languages: ASL
A. Colaiacovo Learning Support Services: Pre-Employment / Physical & Health Education
W. Colling Social Studies
M. Cook Mathematics
D. Cooper Social Studies / Learning Support Services
H. Couture English
G. D’Angelo English
K. Daconceicao Socials Studies / CLC
S. Dhaliwal English / ELL
G. Dibble Mathematics / CLC
S. DiGeso Physical & Health Education [DEPARTMENT HEAD] / First Aid
B. Dunse ADST: Business Technology / Aboriginal Education Support Teacher
J. Eng ADST: Business Technology
L. Falsetto Science [DEPARTMENT HEAD] / Learning Support Services
A. Fricker ADST: Technology Education
S. Gahunia Mathematics
G. Gertz Science
F. Hawley ADST: Technology Education ON LEAVE
T. Hemer Science
A. Hemingway Science / Physical & Health Education
G. Hendry Mathematics / Technology Liaison / AP Coordinator
K. Herndier Mathematics
S. Huang Mathematics / Modern Languages
A. Inkster English
M. Joe Science
F. Jolliffe Social Studies
R. Jones Student Services (Man-Tp)
R. Kamiya ADST: Business Technology
D. Katsionis Student Services (Tr-Z, and International Students) / Social Studies
H. Keon Career Programs
J. Kim Physical & Health Education
P. Kim Science
D. Kraemer ADST: Home Economics
K. Kraemer Mathematics
P. Kuhn English / Physical & Health Education
B. Lawrence Student Services (Hoy-Mam, and Indigenous Students) [DEPARTMENT HEAD]
S. Lee-Wen Learning Support Services
S. Lei Mathematics
C. Magriotidis Learning Support Services
C. Mah Social Studies / CLE
A. McIlvaney English / Social Studies
M. Morabito-Chisholm ADST: Home Economics [DEPARTMENT HEAD] / CLC/CLE / Scholarship
A. Murphy Modern Languages / Visual & Performing Arts: Dance
P. Neves CLC/CLE / Modern Languages [DEPARTMENT HEAD]
G. Nevgodovskyy ELL / English / Social Studies
P. Ollivier Modern Languages
K. Palosaari ADST: Home Economics
K. Parbhakar ELL
L. Pedersen Modern Languages
D. Pereira Social Studies [DEPARTMENT HEAD]
S. Perrotta Learning Support Services- ACCESS
M. Proctor English
I. Ranu Learning Support Services [DEPARTMENT HEAD]
P. Rattan Visual & Performing Arts – Art
K. Ronald English / Modern Languages
S. Salimpour Mathematics
S. Schram ACE-IT: Culinary Arts
G. Sekulovich Science
K. Smart Science
L. Smolar Mathematics
S. Snow Physical & Health Education
A. Steko Visual & Performing Arts – Art
B. Stewart Visual & Performing Arts: Drama
L. Strong Library
S. Takeuchi Modern Languages
C. Taylor Visual & Performing Arts – Music (CHOIR)
C. Uhren Social Studies
A. Vagnarelli Physical & Health Education / Athletic Director
C. Van Maarseveen Sciences
B. Veekan ADST: Home Economics / Physical & Health Education
T. Vitovec ADST: Business Education / CLC
R. Westinghouse Student Services (A-How)
K. White Visual & Performing Arts: Music (BAND) [DEPARTMENT HEAD]
S. Wuolle Mathematics [DEPARTMENT HEAD]
A. Xiao Modern Languages
Y. Yu Modern Languages / Science ON LEAVE
A. Zakus Modern Languages
Student Teacher Department Email Address
A. Corrado English / Socials
K. Gibbard Socials
K. Kasubuchi ADST- Business
K. Lancaster VPA- Music
A. Li Socials
J. Melo Socials
N. Xiao ADST- Home Economics