Visual & Performing Arts

M. Shumiatcher| Department Head
C. Mann (Drama)
C. Taylor (Music)
S. Ranford (Dance)
R. Shier (Music)
A. Steko (Art)

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Mission Statement

Our mission is to inspire, nurture, challenge, amaze, educate and empower students in order to help them live more conscious, compassionate, inclusive, fulfilling and interesting lives. We strive to create a school community that embraces these same values.

We currently offer a wide range of programs in Drama (including Theatre Company and Improv) Music (including Band, Jazz Band and Choir) Visual Arts (including Fine Arts, Graphic Arts, Printmaking, Media Arts and Photography) and Dance.

We are a collaborative group of expert specialist teachers who support each other in our priority commitment to improving our programs and improving the quality of student life at our school. We make progress in this regard by embracing active experimentation and exploration in the visual and performing arts.

We strive to improve our teaching practices and our programs continually, supporting each other in professional development and idea sharing and in promoting, advocating for and protecting visual and performing arts programs in our school.

We are committed to enriching the cultural life of Burnaby Central through the continued development and improvement of our programs, cross curricular and extra curricular activities, special projects and visiting artists, field trips and school and community based performances, festivals and competitions.

​We embrace dialogue, collaboration and cooperation with all departments, teachers, students, parents, staff and administration.

Why Arts in high school?

Since the dawn of civilization to the present day, artistic practices have been among the most important and central activities of almost all cultures, creating a sense of identity, building cultural capital, driving progress, fostering diplomacy and trade and generating economic growth.

Did you know that many of the best universities look at whether applicants for their most competitive programs – law, sciences, business and medicine – have taken visual and performing arts courses in high school?

Did you know that in their search for employees, all the way up to top executives, corporations favour applicants with skills developed in the arts?

Did you know that the creative sector is a leading economic force in BC today, employing more than 100,000 people around the province – more than agriculture, forestry, fishing and hunting combined?

The arts teach leadership, discipline, higher level thinking, team work and collaboration, problem solving, creativity and community building.

This is why at Burnaby Central – we take the arts seriously.