General Information

Our aim is for students to have a safe and successful school year. We would like to develop a strong partnership with you to help your teen focus on learning and being positively involved in the school. Please review the general information reminders and student responsibilities and conduct reminders with your teenagers to prepare for the year. The Student Agenda Planner, this website, the Student Bulletin and the School App are additional sources of information about our school community.


School Fees

  • Fees will be collected online using our School Cash Online system.
  • Instructions as well as a link on how to access the School Cash Online are available to you on our school website.
  • You may also visit the site directly at

Please check out this year’s school fees here.

Agenda Planners / School App:

  • Agendas will be provided to all incoming grade 8 students in September. There will be a handful of extra agendas available for purchase in the office for any other student who wishes to have a physical paper agenda.
  • Our NEW school APP (designed by one of our graduates) is now available in the App Store. Here, students can place their schedule, check calendar events and organize assignments and important dates for course work.


  • Students can access the new online application to select their locker. For instructions GO TO:
  • All lockers come with a lock. The lock and locker belong to the school and are assigned to students to use during the school year.
  • Each student is responsible for keeping the assigned school locker in good condition. Damage or graffiti to the lockers may lead to the loss of the use of a locker.
  • Students should always keep lockers secured and should not share lock combinations with anyone.

PE Locks:

  • Students should have their own lock for PE lockers.
  • Locks can be purchased from the school store for $2.00 each (including tax).


  • Subject teachers will issue textbooks during class time. They are issued free of charge. A charge is made when textbooks are lost or damaged.
  • Students must return the same book they were issued by their teacher.
  • Students who lose a text will be required to pay the full replacement cost of the book.
  • Students who return texts that have been damaged will be charged the full replacement cost.

Course Changes

  • Priority will be given to new registrations and to students who need courses to meet graduation requirements, complete timetables, and correct errors.
  • Students are to attend all classes as shown on their timetable. Any changes require an appointment with the counsellor.

Student ID (GO) Cards

  • Student photos will be taken on Wednesday, September 11th.
  • Photo retakes will be on Tuesday, October 15th.
  • Semester 2 photo day (for new students only) will be Wednesday February 5th.
    • Grad composite photo retakes will be on this day as well.
  • Photo packages can be ordered from the Artona.
  • Student ID cards will be issued following photo day, when they become available.


  • All students are required to attend all of their classes during the school year.
  • Attendance is taken in each subject class, as well as during Flex Time.
  • When a student is absent a parent/guardian must phone the school and leave a message with the receptionist.
  • Upon return to school students must submit a note stating the dates and reason for the absence.
  • The note must be shown to, and signed by, each subject teacher and then taken by the student to the Attendance Secretary in the Main Office.
  • It is the student’s responsibility to make up work missed during an absence.


  • All students are expected to move to class when the warning bell rings. Students are to be seated in their classes when the final bell for class rings. Between the 3rd and 4th blocks each day, there is no break; there is 5 minutes to get from one classroom to the next. Students are to move immediately to their last class of the day.

Outreach After School Program

  • Runs from 3:10 pm – 4:00 pm 2/3 days per week. Please check the schedule.
  • A Teacher from our Learning Support Services Department, along with volunteers (adults, Peer Tutors, EAs, etc) will be available to assist students with homework, tests, or assignments.
  • Students may choose to go for help or may be assigned by their teacher to the Outreach Program to help them catch up missed work assignments, class work, and/or write tests.
  • A sign in computer is at the front of the room. Students are to sign in with their student number each time they come (even if they are in Outreach during regular class time).

Cafeteria Service

  • Will be available throughout the school year. Please check the Menu as each week, our students and staff in the program aim to make unique, delicious and health options for students and staff.  Cafeteria service starts up the 3rd week of each semester (to allow students to complete necessary safety training and preparation of stocks and ingredients).

Flex Time

  • Flex Time will run every Wednesday starting in the third week of each semester (September 18th and February 12th respectively).
  • Flex Time run from 10:00 AM am – 10:55 AM on Wednesdays (see school calendar and bell schedule).
  • Flex Time allows students to get help with and work on core academic subjects, catch up on work they have missed due to absences, work on passion projects, meet with a group to work on a group project, etc
  • Students will need to sign up through the website to which Flex Space they plan to attend. Space in each room is limited, so sign up early!
  • Make sure to utilize your time wisely. Sign up for where you could benefit from the most assistance!

Student Responsibilities and Conduct Reminders

  • Burnaby Central Secondary is a community that values learning and teaching in a safe, caring and positive climate.
  • The rights and freedoms of individuals are balanced with the collective well-being of all members of the school community.
  • Members of the school community should behave in a way that is not distracting to the learning and well-being of others.
  • All students are asked to follow the district Code of Conduct.

Electronic Devices

Internet Use

  • Access to the Internet is for educational and research purposes.
  • Inappropriate use of the internet, including the violation of classroom and district rules, is subject to loss of network privileges and other District disciplinary actions.
  • It is the user’s responsibility not to initiate access to inappropriate or offensive material.
  • The use of the Internet is a privilege, not a right.

No Smoking/No Vaping

  • All students are actively encouraged to make healthy lifestyle choices. Smoking/vaping is not permitted on the property of Burnaby Central Secondary.
  • Students in violation of this policy will be disciplined by the school’s administration and may face fines in accordance with British Columbia’s Tobacco and Vapor Products Control Act.