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Mission Statement:

English teachers aim to enhance students’ appreciation of various literary forms and genres. Throughout this exploration, students have opportunities to develop in reading, writing, critical thinking, speaking and listening, skills which have relevance in any occupation they may choose in the future. Ultimately, we believe that students’ experiences with language will inspire in them an interest in the wonder of words, one which they will continue throughout their lives as they enjoy expressing themselves and reading the expressions of others.

“‘Tis education forms the common mind: Just as the twig is bent, the tree’s inclined. ”
– Alexander Pope

“The study of English is one of the contemplation of words: words to communicate with others, to shape our minds, to learn to articulate our hopes, dreams or aspirations and to share our experiences. Our very lives depend on our ability to use words in order to realize our personal potential. It is through the study of literature that we gain access to the words of new and unexplored domains of human experience. This arduous journey into extraordinary realms of humanity begins early and continues long after graduation, when we can use the eloquence acquired in English to achieve our goals in life.”
– E. McDonnell