Central Clubs

Burnaby Central offers a variety of clubs and student-led organizations for students to acquire new skills and refine old ones. *list update bi-monthly* (Updated Oct 9th, 2023)

Badminton club @bcss_badminton_club Monday and Wednesday morning 7:00am Big gym
Beyond STEM Thursdays at Lunch B317
Black Excellence (BEX)
Bollywood Club (formerly Bhangra) @Central_bhangra Tuesdays at lunch B228 ( Dance studio)
Burnaby Central Robotics Club  @bcssrobotics Tuesdays & Thursdays (but this might change this year) B125
Business Club Tuesdays at Lunch B206
Central Debate Club Tuesdays lunch time C232
Central E-Sports Club  @central_esports Online meetings only B216 (Kraemer’s room)
Central Sports Council @bbycentral_athletics Sept. 22 & Nov. 24 Lunch B205
Central’s Outdoor club TBD (1-2 times a month) TBD
Chess Club @bcsschessclub Wednesday Lunch B216
Coding CLub @bcsscoding Fridays at lunch B206
Community Club  @bcsscommunityclub Mondays Lunch B205
Connect Media @connectmediayvr Wednesdays at lunch B206
D&D Club @bcss_dnd Fridays @ 3:00-5:00 PM C330
Diversity Club Monday at lunch C231
Environment Club @Centralsenviroclub Wednesday, 315 Science lab
Garden Bank @bcss_gardenbank Friday at lunch C332
Grad Council @bcssgrads23 Friday at lunch C228
Hannah and Amelia Foundation (HAAF) @haafclubbcss Inconsistant B312
Hot Potato Initiative (now Goodguys) @hpi.central Wednesdays at lunch biweekly B212
Interact Club @interactcentral Wednesdays at lunch (executives), Thursdays at lunch (general) B209
JK Dance Club  @bcssjkdance Thursdays at Lunch Dance Studio
Knitting/Crochet club  @BcssKnitting_Crochet Thursdays at lunch C228/sewing room
M. O. V. E Initiative @bcss_move_initiative Tuesday at Lunch B209
Marine Biology Club  @bcss_marinebiology Mondays Lunch B317
Marketing Club  @Central.School.Store Friday Lunch B205
Math Club @bcssmathclub Wednesday 3-4 B218
Music Club @bcssmusicclub Fridays at lunch (once a month) Band room
Rhythmic Gymnastics Club @bcss_rgclub Tuesday at Lunch Dance Room
Rubiks Cube Club Tuesday Lunch C233
Rugby Club @bbycentral_rugby n/a n/a
SOGI  @bcsssogi Wednesday @11:45/Lunch C330
SPCA BCSS_SPCA_club Fridays @ lunch C234
Stream Keepers Club @bcss_stream_keepers Thursday after school (3:05pm) (once a month) Science Lab (B306)
Student Government @BURNABY_WILDCATS Monday – Lunch, Tuesday- Afterschool,  Thursday – Lunch B212
The Burnaby Central Student Book Club Wednesdays at lunchtime (this may change based on the members this year).  We meet 2 twice a month. C327
The Care Project @thecareprojectbc Usually Wednesdays at lunchtime (11:50pm) A206 (the conference centre)
Ultimate Frisbee Club @centralulti Usually fridays after school. 3-4:30pm On the field or near the PE office
Wheels of Change Fridays @ lunch B123
Women’s Club @womensclubbcss Tuesdays, every 2 weeks during lunch. C234
World In Student Hands Club (WISH) @bcss_wish_club Wednesdays at Lunch C228/sewing room
Writing Club @bcss.writingclub Lunch Day TBA C330
Yearbook @CENTRALSPROWL Thursdays, Fridays After school B203