Central Club Council

Burnaby Central offers a variety of clubs and student-led organizations for students to acquire new skills and refine old ones.

Club Teacher Sponsor Meeting Day & Time Room
Badminton club  Mr. Vagnarelli  Monday & Wednesday @ 7:00 AM  GYM
Beyond Stem  Mr. Joe  Thursday @ Lunch  B317
Bhangra Club  Mr. Parbhakar & Ms. Bains  Tuesdays @ Lunch  B228
Business Club  Mr. Kamiya  Tuesdays @ Lunch  B206
Central Debate Club  Ms. Uhren  Tuesdays @ Lunch  C232
Central E-Sports Club Mr. Kraemer Online Mettings Only Online Mettings Only
Central Outdoors Club  Mr. Colaiacovo  N/A  TBD
Central Scorekeepers Club  Mr. Vagnarelli  Select Lunch Dates  B205
Chess Club  Mr. Herndier  Wednesday @ Lunch  B216
Connect Media  Mr. Kamiya  Wednesdays @ Lunch  B206
D&D Club  Ms. Payne  Fridays Afterschool  C330
Diversity Club  Ms. Pereria & Ms. Daconceicao  Monday @ Lunch  C231
Environment Club  Ms. Hemer  Wednesday @ Lunch  B306
F.A.C.D.  Ms. D  Friday @ Lunch  Admin Approval
Hot Potato Initiative  Mr. Hendry  Wednesday @ Lunch  B212
Interact Club  Ms. Eng  Thursdays @ Lunch  B209
Knitting/Crochet Club Ms. Kraemer, Ms. Morabito, Ms. P  Thursdays @ Lunch  C327
Marketing Club  Mr. Dunse  Fridays @ Lunch  B205
Math Club  Ms. Cook  Fridays After school  B218
Medical Initiative  Ms. Eng  Tuesdays @ Lunch  B209
M.E.L.O.  Waiting for Admin
Model UN Nations  Waiting for Admin
Robotics Club  Mr. Hawley  Tuesdays & Thursdays After school  B125
Rubik Cube Club  Ms. Joliffe  Tuesdays @ Lunch  C223
Rugby Club  Mr. Vagnarelli  N/A  N/A
SOGI  Ms. Payne  Wednesdays @ Lunch  C330
Stream Keepers Club  Mrs. Hemer  Thursday After school  B306
Student Government  Mr. Hendry  Monday @ Lunch, Wednesday After school, Thursdays @ Lunch  B212
The Burnaby Central Book Club  Ms. D’Angelo  Wednesdays @ Lunch  C327
The Care Project  Ms. Basran  Wednesdays @ Lunch  A206
Ultimate Frisbee Club  Ms. Jolliffe  Fridays After school  C215
Womens Club  Ms. Colling  Tuesdays @ Lunch  C234
World In Student Hands Club  Ms. Morabito, Ms. Kraemer, Ms. P  Wednesdays @ Lunch  C228
Writing Club  Ms. Payne  TBA  C330
Yearbook  Ms. Rattan  Thursdays & Fridays After school  B203