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MyEducationBC Parent Portal

­­­Welcome to the MyEducationBC Parent Portal.  Having access to the Family Portal will allow you to see grades, attendance, report cards and other information about your child(ren).  Please note that the Grade 8-11 report cards will ONLY be distributed through the Family Portal.

Before you start:

** To access the MyEducation BC system for the first time, you must use a computer, NOT a phone, iPad, or tablet.

** Make sure popups are enabled for your browser.

** Both user name and password are case sensitive.  The password is 4 letters, 3 numbers, 4 letters.

** Each parent/guardian will have their own separate account in the Family Portal.

**If you have not received your user name and temporary password, please click here: Family Portal access request

To Access the Parent Portal:

  • Navigate to This link is also available on our website under Quick Links “Family Portal Login”
  • Enter your user name and password then click Log On.  You will have received an email with this information.
  • You will receive a message indicating that your password has expired
    1. Create a new password, carefully following the password criteria that is listed on the screen
    2. Make sure that you get a confirmation message that your password has been accepted before proceeding.
  • Be sure to enter your email address and security question.  This will allow you to use the “I forgot my password” feature in the future.
  • Choose a security question that you will never forget.
  • The Burnaby School District has produced reference materials for parents related to logging in and general portal use. These can be viewed at .


*For best results, use Internet Explorer or Firefox.

*If you mistype your password 5 times, the system will automatically lock your account.  After 4 failed attempts click the blue “I forgot my password” link on the log-on screen.

  • The program will ask for your email address as well as the answer to your security question.
    • If you answer it correctly, a new temporary password will be sent to your email account.
    • If you mistype the answer to your security question 3 times, the “I forgot my password” function will be frozen.  In this case, please phone the school at 604-296-6850.
  • Retrieve the temporary password from your email account and use it to log on to the Parent Portal.  You will then be asked to create a new password.

*If you do get locked out, please click on this link to email for re-activation:  Please re-activate my Account or call the school at 604-296-6850.

*If you notice any demographic changes that need to be made, please email Demographic change or call the school at 604-296-6850.

*For all other issues, please click here: Portal assistance needed or call the school at 604-296-6850.