School News

Open Learning Week of Jan 24 – 27, 2022

Open Learning Week at Burnaby Central Secondary starts Jan 24th until Jan 27th. Open Learning Week provides students an opportunity to get caught up and receive support regarding their missing work and assignments with their teachers from Semester 1. Open Learning Week also provides our students with educational opportunities and activities to enrich and extend their learning with a variety of diverse activities from each curricular area. Although all students are welcome to attend school this week, there will be no formal class sessions. We understand some students may have finished all their work for the Semester; therefore, teachers will have rooms open with space for students to read, to research or to organize themselves for the next Semester.

Please click here for the schedule of our Enriched Learning Sessions.


Numeracy and Literacy Assessments during Open Learning Week:

Numeracy 10 and Literacy 12 Assessments will also be held Monday January 24th – Thursday January 27th. Schedules for students writing these assessments have been posted in the school since the start of January. You can find these schedules outside of Student Services and the Main Office. The assessment schedules have been sent to all students via their school district email.