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Core Competency Goal Setting Assignment #2

The Ministry of Education K-12 Student Reporting Policy requires that student self-reflection on Core Competencies and goal setting be included in at least two written Learning Updates and the Summary of Learning.

In order to reach this requirement, all students from grade 8-12 will be required to complete a goal setting exercise choosing one of the Core Competencies.  Each student’s assignment has been automatically assigned in their Office 360 account.  Students will see the assignment loaded into a TEAM according to their grade.

Students will be given time during period 1 classes from March 4 – March 8 to complete the second of three online assignments.  Upon completion, a copy of the student assignment will be automatically emailed to parents / guardians as well as to students.

Students will complete 1 additional online assignments during the school year.  The second assignment will check the progress of their goal setting assignment in January as well as complete a self reflection of their goal setting assignment in May.  Each exercise will require approximately 15 minutes to complete.

Parents may click the link below for more information on the Core Competencies and reporting requirements at: