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The 2020-21 District Student Advisory Council is looking for motivated and interested students to put in applications for this year’s council. DSAC is a group of 45 grade 9-12 students from Burnaby’s 8 high schools and alternate programs. DSAC works on leadership activities, connects high schools together through organized events, promotes student voice in education, liaises with a number of district committees, and follows through on DSAC developed and led initiatives.

This is for a leadership position on the District Student Advisory Council.

• Are you energetic?

• Do you have leadership skills or want to develop leadership skills?

• Do you work well with others?

• Do you have time in a busy schedule to participate in monthly meetings?

• Do you want to support your school community?

• Are you also looking for a challenge beyond your school community?

• Do you enjoy creating projects and working to see them come to life?

• If this describes who you are or who you would like to be, please pick up the application forms at the office.

Application forms are due to the school office on

October 15, 2020.