School News


Attention all Grade 8 – 11 students/ Parents & Guardians: 

You will be using the Student Portal (MyEd) to verify your Course Selection for next year’s courses.

ALL STUDENTS ARE ASKED TO LOG ON TO THE STUDENT PORTAL (MYED) to confirm that their course choices for next year are correct.

If the courses are exactly the ones you want, you do not need to do anything.

If there are errors in your courses selection, please complete the ONLINE CHANGE FORM by 9am ON THURSDAY APRIL 30TH, 2020.

This is the LAST opportunity for you to choose from ALL the offered courses. The results from the verification will influence which courses may run and which may face cancellation for next year.

If you have any questions, please contact your counsellor. Thank you.

Student instructions for a laptop or desktop computer:

Parent instructions for a laptop or desktop computer:

  • Log into MyEducation Parent Portal:
  • Click on Family top tab
  • Click on the Student that you wish to view the Course Requests for
  • Click on Schedule side tab
  • Click on Requests side tab