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The English 12 Provincial Exam takes place on Tuesday morning, January 24th at 8:45 am. Lists will be posted showing in which computer lab students are scheduled. Students must have student/photo i.d. with them on the day of the exam.

Social Studies 11, English 10, Science 10 and Math 10 (Foundations & Pre-Calculus/Apprentice & Workplace) provincial exams are only for students who took the course last school year but have not yet written the provincial examination. There is no provincial examination for students who are taking those courses this school year.

Tuesday, January 24th at 12:45 pm – Math 10 (Foundations & Pre-Calculus/Apprenticeship & Workplace) – Room B205

Wednesday, January 25th at 8:45 am – English 10 – Room B205

Thursday, January 26th at 8:45 am – Social Studies 11 and Science 10 Room B205

Students who need to take grade 10 or 11 level exams from last year must see their counsellor to ensure they are signed up. All students must have school photo identification with them on the day of the exam.

SEMESTER BREAK – School is opened for Tutorial and I-Days from January 23 – January 26th.  Teachers will inform students individually when and if they need to attend.  Grad Transition Interviews will take place on Friday, January 27th.

SEMESTER 2 – First day of Semester 2 is Monday, Jan 30th. Students are to report to their homeroom classes at 8:40 to collect their Semester 2 schedule.  Schedules provided in September are not to be used as classes may have changed.