School News

Semester 2 Start Up- “How to View your Class Schedule”

*Please check your schedules as new blocks have been added and a few rooms have been swapped around!*

Just a reminder to parents that semester one ended Friday, January 17th. Semester two will begin on Monday, January 27th. The first day of semester two is a regular school day.

As we no longer print class schedules, students will need to know their new schedule prior to coming to school on Monday, January 27th. Students can access their schedules by logging into their MyEducation account, clicking the “My Info” top tab, then the “Current Schedule” side tab. This will show a list of all classes, including which period the class is. This information is particularly important for grade 8 students as they have not been through this process before. Information has been put in the student bulletin and instruction sheets have been posted around the school.

We have attached instructions for parents to view their child’s schedule. However, please note that the parent view does not show which period the class is being held. Therefore, it is essential that students log into their own account to access this information.